Help & FAQs


Solutions to common issues

For all problems please try the following:

1. Updating your internet browser or downloading Google Chrome -

2. Refresh - Hold down the "Ctrl" key and press the "F5" key.

3. Disable any pop up blockers

4. Disable any Anti-Virus software - If this does not resolve the problem we suggest you re-enable it.

5. Make sure the browser is maximised - Press the Squares icon next to the X in the top right hand corner of the screen.

6. Try making the page bigger or smaller. Hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "+" or "-" to increase or decrease the zoom to the required level. You may have to refresh the page to centralise the room.

7. Try increasing your screen resolution to a larger size, to do this right click on the desktop and press "Screen Resolution" or personalise and try to increase it from the "resolution" drop down.

8. Delete your cache -

The video's below show how you can do this:



Please note that you cannot currently play on early versions of Internet Explorer.

You do not need to download Flash to play Woohoo Bingo. Woohoo Bingo no longer uses Adobe Flash in our Bingo rooms.

If you are still having a problem please email your issue with a screenshot to

Please provide information about what Internet Browser you are using, your type of computer and operating system and any antivirus or popup blockers you have installed.

Are all Woohoo Bingo games completely FREE?

YES - Woohoo games are free to play.

For any questions you can't find the answer to - email us at

Can I have more than one account?

NO - Only one account per player is permitted. We reserve the right to close all accounts of players who have been found to have multiple accounts, without any notice. Players with multiple accounts are prohibited from redeeming cash prizes and will have their account closed. See our Full Terms and Conditions for more details.

Chat Games Rules and Terms

Here are the Chat Game Rules:

1. Only Points can be won for Chatgames. Players cannot win stars in chat games.
2. The CM's decision is final and cannot be disputed.
3. If you have any problems with any of the games or rules, please contact
4. You do not need to have points in your balance to play chat games.
5. Players are allowed to win up to 1,000 points per day each on chat games, this limit is to allow as many players as possible to enjoy the chat games.

***Bonus Ball***
Before the bingo game starts, the CM will give roomies a random number between 1 and 90. When the random number is called say ***bonus ball*** - the first to correctly claim wins 100 points.

***Woohoo Birthday***
Each player picks 2 numbers (eg if your birthday is 03 June 1983, you would pick any 2 of the 3 numbers - 03, 06 or 83) When both of the numbers you have picked have been called say ***woohoo birthday*** - the first person to correctly claim wins 100 points.

***Lucky Number***
Each player picks one number, when your number has been called, say ***lucky number*** - the first person to correctly claim wins 100 points.

***3 In a Row***
Each player picks 3 consecutive numbers, when all 3 of your numbers have been called, the first to say ***3 in a row*** to win 100 points.

***Woohoo Fortunes***
Based on the famous game show Family Fortunes, this is a 10 question game with a twist. The first player to correctly guess what the top answer is from 100 people asked wins 100 points! CM answers are final and cannot be disputed.

***Woohoo Letters***
The CM will choose a letter, and give clues for roomies to solve the answer. E,g, “What S do you use to sweeten your cup of tea?” The first person to correctly get the answer wins 100 points, and picks the next letter for the CM to describe. This will last for 10 questions. Letters X and Z are excluded from this game.

The CM will write an anagram in the chatroom for roomies to solve. The first player to answer correctly wins 100 points.

***Woohoo Quiz***
This is a 10 question general knowledge quiz. The first player to type the correct answer to the question wins 100 points. Players are allowed as many guesses as they like. CM's answers are final and cannot be disputed.

***Name That Tune***
The CM gives players the line from a song, the first to correctly guess what the song is, wins 100 points.

***Woohoo Mirror***
Each player picks two numbers that mirror each other (e.g 17, 71 or 26, 62) then when both numbers are called out players type ***Woohoo Mirror*** - The first person to correctly claim will win 100 points.

***2 outta 3***
Each player picks three numbers (e.g 17, 21, 65) and when any two of them are called out during the bingo game they must type ***woohoo 2 outta 3*** - The first person to correctly claim will win 100 points.

***Woohoo Wants to be a Millionaire***
The CM will ask all players a general knowledge question, the first person to answer correctly is able to keep the 100 points they have won, or gamble them for an extra question to get 200 points.

***Woohoo Telly Addicts***
The CM will name a character from a television programme or film. The first player to correctly guess the name of the programme or film the character is from, wins 100 points.

***Woohoo Legs & Ducks***
When the numbers 11 and 22 have been called, players need to type ***Woohoo Legs & Ducks*** The first player to correctly claim after both numbers have been called wins 100 points.

Chat Room Do's and Dont's

Woohoo Bingo provides a friendly and welcoming bingo chat community which we would very much like to maintain. Therefore, we do provide some guidelines to follow when in the Woohoo Bingo Chatrooms to ensure everyone can have good time.

Please be courteous and friendly to all newcomers, to your fellow players and to our Chat Masters.

Please avoid the unnecessary use of CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered shouting or being angry in the world of online chat.

Please remember the following chat room guidelines:
    -  Don't swear
    -  Don't argue
     - Don't be abusive
     - Don't be racist
    -  Don't insult
     - Don't disrupt
    -  Don't complain
     - Don't beg

     - Don't flood the chatroom with messages.
     - Don't promote other online bingo rooms
     - Don't promote any other websites, unless they are directly related to Woohoo Bingo or are needed to complete a challenge.

     - Don't exchange any account information

Our CMs do have the authority to ban your chat privileges if you break our guidelines and ignore warnings.

CM Applications

If you want to apply to become a Volunteer Woohoo Bingo CM - please email with your full name, woohoo chatname and the reasons for wanting to be a Woohoo Bingo CM.  You will need to be a player for at least 2 months before your application is considered.

Do I have to download anything to play?

No, you can play all our games online through your Internet Browser.

Gold Star Jackpot Games

There are two Gold Star Jackpot games at 7pm and 9pm Everyday.

7pm Game is for 100 Gold Stars for the 1st Full House Winner - Played in Sunshine, Snug, Clubhouse and Lounge.

9pm Game is for 150 Gold Stars for the 1st Full House Winner  - Played in Sunshine, Snug, Clubhouse and Lounge.

How do I get points?

You get 3000 instant points when you sign up at Woohoo Bingo and you can earn points for completing challenges, you will also get Daily Recharge Points which top up your points balance when your points balance falls below your Daily Recharge Level.

For example:

1. If your recharge level is 1500 points and you have 5000 points balance. You will not receive any extra points with the daily recharge each morning.

2. If your recharge level is 1500 points and you have 100 points balance, you will be topped up to 1500 points balance in the next daily recharge.

See our challenges section for more details on how to get more points.

How do I register?

To register, enter your name and email address on the homepage, then check your inbox for confirmation email and follow the instructions in the email.

You can also register by clicking here

How do I win real prizes?

You redeem "Stars" for real prizes such as profile upgrades, cash prizes, shopping vouchers and anything else in the Woohoo Bingo Shop.

How do I win Stars?

"Stars" are won by playing bingo games. You purchase tickets with Free "Points" and win more points and "Stars". To play bingo now - login and select a room from the lobby.

How does Woohoo Work?

See our handy Getting Started page for information on how to play and win prizes at Woohoo Bingo.

In a Nutshell: At Woohoo Bingo you buy bingo tickets with free points and get stars for winning the bingo games. Stars can then be redeemed for prizes, upgrades and rewards in the Woohoo Bingo Shop.

If you run out of points you can get more by completing Challenges on the Woohoo Bingo Challenges Page.  With more points, you can play more bingo and win more stars to redeem for more prizes!

The Woohoo Wheel

I didn't receive a confirmation email, what do I do?

  • Check your Spam/Junk Mail folder for the email, just in case.

  • Try registering again, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. If you entered the correct email address the first time, you will receive a message saying that this email address has already being registered.

  • Your Inbox might be full, so you have no space to receive new messages, try deleting some old emails.

  • You may have already registered and therefore you cannot register again using the same email address. Click on the forgotten password link to reset your password and login.

If you have checked all of the above and still cannot login and play, please contact with your name and email address.

If you don't have my card details, then how can I win cash prizes?

Cash prizes are awarded via online wallets such as paysafecard, paypal, neteller and moneybookers. We will send payments to an account on these online wallets, which you are then free to withdraw at will.

Netbook Chat Fix

If you have a netbook and are having problems viewing and contributing in chat here is a fix that works for many players. These instructions may differ slightly depending on your operating system.

Go to your "Control Panel" and click on "Display Properties" (If you are a vista user - go to control panel and click on "Personalise" and then click on "Display Settings)

Then click on "Advanced Settings"
Then click on the "Monitor" tab
Then deselect the tick box with the text "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display".
Then go back to the main Display Properties page and select 1024x768 as your resolution.
Then click "apply" to save the settings.

Disclaimer: Woohoo Bingo is not responsible for any technical problems or damages to your netbook as a result of this fix.

What are Points?

All games are played with the completely free currency Points- which are recharged on a daily basis (ONLY if your points balance is below your daily recharge level) and can be increased by completing challenges. Points have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash prizes. Points can only be used to purchase bingo tickets.

What are Stars?

Stars are the currency you can use to purchase prizes and rewards in the Woohoo Bingo Shop.

What do I need to play?

  1. A decent Internet connection
  2. An up to date Internet browser such as Firefox or Chrome

What does Woohoo mean?

woohoo [wu-hu]: verb
Definition 1. To play online bingo for free

Context 1: I�m just going to Woohoo for a while, see you soon.
Meaning (I am just going to play free bingo for a while at, see you soon)

Context 2: LOL, why should I play bingo when I can Woohoo!
Meaning: (LOL, why should I play bingo when I can play bingo for free at!)

*Disclaimer: This might not be an official definition, but we hope everyone uses it!

What is Woohoo Bingo?

Woohoo Bingo logo

Woohoo Bingo is a completely FREE online bingo site.  Our free bingo games and tickets cost 0p.

With Woohoo Bingo, everyone can win real cash prizes, without having to spend a penny of their own money!

The more you play and the more stars you win, the closer you are to redeeming on of our fantastic prizes.


What's the catch? Do I have to pay a subscription fees?

No. Woohoo Bingo provide free online bingo games for players to enjoy.

Will you ask for my credit/bank card details?

If you receive any suspicious emails asking for payment information please contact us immediately by emailing

Woohoo Bingo Rooms Explained

Woohoo Bingo is unlike any other bingo site in the world and so here is a quick guide to the Bingo.

There are multiple winners for One Line, Two Lines and Full House Wins - This means there could be up to 10 winners for each!

Winners are shown in the left hand "Game Winners" Accordian.

Tickets are colour coded and only show when you are close to a win with 1TG. This is because you could be playing for a one line, two lines and a Full house at the same time with different tickets, and would be very confusing to try and follow in the game.

Changing Chatnames

***At present we are unable to make ANY chatname changes.***

Players must contact to change a chatname. Chatnames can only be changed for the following reasons:

- Offensive/abusive chatname - in which case we reserve the right to delete the account if necessary.
- Technical reasons - if your name uses an unfamiliar character or interferes with the game.
- If their is a minor typo/spelling mistake when creating a chatname. We will not completely change the chatname, we will only change it to correct a spelling mistake.
- If your chatname is very similar to another member - e.g stevey1 and stevey2 - please provide evidence of the similar chatnames.
- If you feel you are being subjected to negative/abusive messages by other players. In this instance you must provide evidence of the messages with a screenshot and the chatnames of the players who said them.

Chat Room Terms

Most Common Chat Room terms

Wd    Well done
Lol    Laugh out loud
Ty    Thank you
Np    Good luck
Sry    No problem
Wtg    Sorry
Wtg    Way to go
Cya    See you later
Gg    Good game
Gr8    Great
Gla    Good luck all
Jk    Just kidding
Yw    You're welcome
Full list   
?    Please explain
?4u    Question for you
Aamof    As a matter of face
Asap    As soon as possible
Asl    Age, sex, location?
B4n    Bye for now
Bbl    Be back later
Bf    Boyfriend
Bfn    Bye for now
Brb    Be right back
Btw    By the way
Cu    See you
Cul    Catch you later
Fcol    For crying out loud!
Fyi    For your information
Gf    Girlfriend
Hagd    Have a good day
Imho    In my honest opinion
K    OK
L8r    Later
Lyk    Let you know
Noyb    None of your business
Omg    Oh my gosh
Plz    Please 
Rotfl    Rolling on the floor laughing
Thx    Thanks
Ttyl    Talk to you later
W8    Wait
Wb    Welcome back

How to do a Screenshot

Here is a handy guide we have created to help you do a screenshot, should you need to.

  1. Make sure the full Woohoo Bingo page is open and not obstructed by other programmes

  2. On your keyboard, there is a key called prtscrn or prt sc, or something similar to this

  3. If you press the above key, it will appear as though your computer has not done anything, however it will of just taken a shot of your screen

  4. Open the Paint programme, click edit, and then click paste

  5. Finally, you need to save your screenshot

If the above does not work, you may need to also press fn and prtscrn together instead of just prtscrn on its own

What is the maximum number of players per room?

The maximum number of players per room is 150. When the room has reached it's player limit you will see a message saying that the Room is full and you should choose a different room.

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Here at Woohoo Bingo, we take bullying and other forms of anti-social behaviour very seriously.

If you are worried about bullying, or feel that you are currently being subjected to personal anti-social behaviour on Woohoo Bingo then please contact us by emailing

Please provide as much information as you can, and also including screen shots of anti-social communications from the offending player.  Please also provide the time and date of the incident.

All emails will be kept confidential, with the information received used to help us deal with players who portray anti-social behaviour.

Please be aware that this email address,, should only be used with regard to anti-social behaviour. Please contact with any other queries.